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so glad it works on mobile. can't wait to punch while in the bathroom.

I learned a lot about myself, the universe and the essence of being.
Thank you!

If you do a text adventure, your skills in writing interesting text is key.
At least proof read your english or find other ways to make sure your text is not full of typos.

This is totally not my taste. But that's ok. Not really a game IMO
If you want to make a game out of simple math problems, then make it fun.
Also if you decide to put a very loud & invasive music track into your game, please provide an option to mute it (during gameplay)

What is your goal with this game?

Cool game. It's nice that you focussed on readible enemies and feedback.
I encountered a bug where I cant reach the next level (in the level with the 4 shield guys)
The opening door is not communicated really clear, the small green lights are not really cleary to see. Suggestion; Lock the other ones once the round starts (that will also convey a mmore urgent feeling to the player. And then unlock the next room once its cleared. I miss a rewarding feeling when I clear a stage.

heroyooky responds:

Thank you for the feedback and sorry you ran into a bug on your playthrough. For a future update I'll look into making the stage clear/next room direction more distinct.

Cool game, nice polish.
The art styles is not helping the game, the unimportant elements are much more contrasting and eye catching than the gameplay relevant elements.
I don't like this kind of challenge, it should be in the mechanics not in my capability to tell background and forground apart :)

Dont get me wrong, the art is quite cool, but remember that form has to follow function!

Retro-Gears responds:

we always appreciate Constructive criticism, it help us improve, so thank you!

Pretty good!
Some more rewarding feedback for successful actions would be cool
Eg. VFX / sound when I bounce
Some visual reward for gaining momentum e.g. wind, sparkles, whatever in the background or being emitted from the player. Getting a lot of forward speed is the most rewarding thing in the game, so it would be good if the game could emphasize that feeling of accomplishment.
Just think about what actions you want to reward in the game, and then make that feel rewarding!

Good game.

Simple mechanic but with an interesting skill ceiling.

evgenyo responds:

Thanks for the advices. I also wanted to add some VFX in future.

It feels like the environment and art was done by a different person than the mechanics and the VFX.
The concept is promising but the feedback needs to improved a lot.

- Health mechanic doesnt make sense as one mistake leads to destruction anyway even when the health bar is incremental. Consider adding countable lives, or "invulnerability" frames after receiving damage, otherwise it feels like a flappybird where one mistakes is Game Over
- Feedback - Rocket particles are Dude, this is super important, you need to reward you players visually.
- Be nicer? Why not throw in a few more pickups into the game? Its a challenging game, so dont be so scarce with the rewards :)

That's it, hope you have some time to improve the feedback of the core gameplay, then I think it will be pretty cool.

On another note, A rocket in a temple? Even it's a small game, these choices of theme and setting matter and should fit together to form a coherent experience.

Good Luck!

I dont understand what to do :/
Also the space key consumed by the browser not by the game, maybe that's need to understand the game?

It's cool that you have a clear goal in the game, however understandably of controls could be improved.

How can I mine, left click doesnt do anything? would like to play & rate if I can get it to work..

Blumi responds:

Sorry, but we don't know what are you talking about casue you can mine with left click, but maybe you should hold this button over blocks and wait until they break.

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